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What a water!
That flows in you...


Keeps the water clean and clear


Materials that stays nearly forever


Products that can be installed easily

Roto Mould Water Tanks

Meet the range of the best water tanks that stays and stores fresh.

Garden Hoses

Get used to gardening now with the hassle free gardening hoses.

Suction & Delivery Hoses

The collection and delivery of water is never a headache any more.

PVC Pipes

Connect your water bodies and equipment seamlessly.

Premium Taps

Meet the most premium interfaces to get water.

Super Taps

See the collection of high quality water outlets.

Ball Valves

Overall control of the water flow is no more a hassle.

Featured Products

See the most wanted items from our list that makes our brand the most wanted for you.

Harmonizing usability
and price

A trusted name and prefe rred choice in bathroom fittings, garden hoses, suction hoses, PVC pipes & conduit pipes segment, Shinewell boasts a product line renowned for excellence and durability.A host of satisfied customers vouch for our wide range of products which are available in an array of colours and require very little maintenance.

The simplest and straightforward question regarding a product is ‘for what it is made for?’, the purpose of the product! As the answer to this question, we prioritise usability on top of everything. Every design is perfected by keeping the balance of usability and price.

Hear how people feel us!

Listen to the most our customers tell about us from their experience…

The only thing that makes me sad with Shinewell is that, I am getting old over time and periods while their products are always young.

Hashir Babu

General Manager, VKM Group

I have always wondered about the promise of Shinewell products that they give to their customers. Their quality is never a boast but truth that last ahead of time.

Asha Ravindran

CTO, Calicut Irrigations LLP

Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolore ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt. 

Mohammed Ali KC

Co-Founder, Pool Knights

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